“Goldenhair”: A Micro 55er

Writing and music have always wrestled for space in my world, with each one coming out on top at different times in my life. Recently I’ve enjoyed combining them and using certain pieces of music as inspiration for writing prompts.

For this piece, I chose a format similar to the Fibonacci Spiral except it’s based on words instead of syllables. The first line starts with ten words, then each subsequent line decreases by one until the last line is only a single word.

So here’s a little 55er courtesy of “Sister Goldenhair” by America.  Hint: it’s not really about a sister. Enjoy!

Untitled design(4)




Dancing wildly in the sun, you laugh with your eyes,

love with your arms. I spin this memory through

my guilt, turning it into something it’s not—

a realization that you don’t need me,

because I’m afraid to need you.

I took away your choices,

took away your joy.

No, don’t try

to call


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