When Math Meets Words: A Fibonacci Spiral

Hello folks! Well, it’s the end of November and for the past month I’ve been deep into NaNoWriMo. This was my third attempt, and my first successful one. On 11/26/18, I validated my word count at 50,605. So exciting! I’m going to continue working on that novel, an adventure fantasy that has grown more complex than I initially intended. Shocking, right? But now that I’m not slave to the 50k in 30 days nightmare, I finally have some time to play around with writing new things. Yay!

The piece below is called a Fibonacci Spiral – there’s math involved. It’s like the Haiku’s crazy cousin.


A Fibowhat you say?  Basically, it’s a systematic progression and regression of the number of syllables on each line.  If you want to be totally overwhelmed and confused by the mathematical definition, go here. If you want to see how it relates to writing, and for an explanation of the specific sequence I’ve used below, check out this article. There is even an entire publication devoted to the art, and yes–they take submissions! The Fib format is only limited by your imagination, and your ability to perform basic math–or if you hate math, like me, your affinity for Google searches.

Have you played with this type of sequence before? Tell me about it in the comments! Better yet, post a link to your own! I’d love to read them!

The piece below was inspired by a song:  “This River” by JJ Grey & Mofro. Enjoy!


River, Roll




my thoughts,

eat my soul.

The bottle tilts back,

and your picture blurs in my eyes.

I’m riding the rapids, surfing the edges of life,

hearing the whispers of deep truth

in the river’s words.






Save me,

flow through me,

take me far away.

Turn me from the comforting shores,

plunge me into the waves that carry me far from home.

The sky reaches its hand to me,

touches the river.

Touches me.




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